Sunday, June 22, 2008

We made it

We made it to church from the barn in St. Charles for 10:00 Sunday School and third service! The only glitch was that we could only find one of each of Tabitha's shoes except her tennis shoes. So she wore tennis shoes with her church dress. I don't think anyone noticed.

It was nice to be back. Different acquaintances reacted to our living situation differently. We get from "Wow, what a cool adventure" or "I remember doing something like that when I was young" with a smile to "I can't even imagine living in a barn, bathing in a horse trough or cooking all meals on a camp stove."

After church we ran errands, the normal: Menard's, Jacks Fruit and Meat Market, and the park for water. When we got home Tabitha and I took a nap, Todd started my new clothes dryer (line) the rest gathered round the DVD player with movies from the church library. I woke up to thunder then rain. Tabitha woke up shortly after and we played until we were fully awake. I began to wonder if it would let up enough to get to the camper for some food. Then I noticed a dripping on the table, so thinking of food was put of long enough to find something to catch the water and dry the table with. Todd is currently up there trying to find the origin of the leak. So by the time we got rain coats it had let up enough to not get soaked. So Tabitha has joined the boob tube groupies in the camper and we found a snack.

After the rain stopped the sun came out and a new set of clothes were filthy


Debra said...

Becky, My name is Debra- found you at MJ's farm. I am also a Christian homeschool mom of 6 ages 2-15. bottom 5 are boys. I hope you will keep up the blog with more about your journey to building your home. I love Michigan and we have looked in Saginaw many times.
When you get a chance please post more on MJ's forum- love to meet other mom's of large families.

Anonymous said...

I love it.......that would have been me if I were 75 pounds lighter and never broke my ankle. I love the look on Gabbi's face. The best part is I know there are frogs some where in those pictures watching you guys!