Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

We spent Mother's day weekend having our first camp out at the property. The children we very excited. We had been talking about this for a long time--since we closed on the property last August. Todd and my dad were going to work on the barn and my plan was to watch children and have food ready when workers were ready for it. That sounds easy right--hahahahahaha. Actually it was a very relaxing weekend. It got cold at night, but we were prepared. The weather was great.
(This is my dad after a long days work.)

The Blaylocks and Thomases came over Sunday PM for S'mores and fun. Her are all the children sitting around my Mother's day present. I had seen these great big picnic tables along the road to the property and dropped too many hint about wanting one, needing one, and what a great Mother's Day gift it would be. On the way to the property Friday Todd stopped suddenly, At first I thought something was wrong then I saw the tables. We had to call the guy to let him know we wanted one, but Todd got it Saturday and Sunday with guys had to help him get it off the trailer and to the place I want it it was so heavy. I love it. We all fit, plus friends!

Dad started to cut down trees. He cut down a huge pine tree that would be right at our family room window when the house is done. I set the children on it for pictures. The background is our campsite. The main picture on my Blog is the one of the while group, the one of me taking a picture of them my dad took for his photo club assignment ("mother") then I did individuals:

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