Sunday, June 1, 2008


We got up and went to early church (8:30 service) so Todd could go and get to the property fairly early. The children wanted to go to Sunday school to see friends and teachers so we took 2 vans so I could stay with them. I wanted/needed to "see people" also. I was able to share updates with our old Sunday School class (I mean old as in we used to go to it, not old as in everyone there is old, more accurately they are mature and with great experience. Also amazing prayer warriors.)

After church we worked on consuming the great amount of food we had left over from Saturday's lunch and started to straighten up the remains. Then much needed rest.

Todd and Dad called for measurements for our closet in the barn. I guess that means progress.

I hope to have pictures tomorrow. We need to rescue some things that got packed that are needed now from the barn.

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