Saturday, May 30, 2009


The first time I saw one of the birds do this I got worried. She was hunkered down in a funny position. All I could think of was "don't let another one die". But one of the other birds stepped on her head and she got up and was fine.

So I caught one of them doing it last week on video:

I guess my fascination just shows that I am a neophyte farm-girl.

Swim follow up video

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden May 23

Last Friday I told the children that after my front flower bed was filled with dirt (sand) they could go swimming.
They all worked fairly hard to earn their treat.
I am pretty sure I shovelled the most, but it got do and they got to swim.The garden is growing, but slowly. We had a hard frost last week. I managed to cover most things around midnight. Nothing completely died.My pole beans are being eaten by an unidentified bug. A neighbor said she had bean beetles of some sort eat all of her beans last year. Today I bought some "organic" bug killer. I will get it out there tomorrow and pray for the best.This is a pumpkin that didn't get covered for the frost. All the upper leaves were killed, but it has grown 3 inches and put out a bunch of new leaves since then.These are gourd plants that were covered, but still got too cold. They are alive and growing now.I planted 25 asparagus crowns earlier this spring. A few are showing themselves.Blooming asparagus.A friend/neighbor has way too much rhubarb. She offered some to me. She wasn't sure if I had actually taken some until I assured her that I had.The small bunch to the left was a plant that I salvaged from the old house that lived in the woods near the barn until this spring.


This was the first long swim of the season. I love going to the "pool": we dont' forget anything, if we do it is just in the house. The lifeguard's chair is in the shade. We don't have to clean up if we don't want to.

I asked G to get the new lawnmowers out to entertain me while I watched the people kids swim. They weren't much company, they wanted to eat the grass just past the length of the leash.



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old pattern New robe

I had a long week. I told Todd I felt like I needed a shopping trip (retail therapy) or an evening in my sewing room. He said no shopping.
I got out this pattern I had in my pile of sew sometime soon. I knew already what fabric I wanted to use. It is sort of a whimsy print I bought when our Hancock Fabrics went out of business a few years ago.I left out the front waist darts (I have no waist in the front) and ended up making the back darts a half inch smaller. I also decided to face the front skirt instead of following the instructions and just turning under a 1" hem. It gave me a bit more fullness in the front. If I were to do it again I would give myself even more fullness in the front or loose the baby belly. I also added belt loops for the ties. I am thinking about sewing the tie to the right front side and the left side seam so when I tie it it stays crossed better. At breakfast this morning my little girls told me a looked like a princess.
Excuse the face here. My son was making faces at me just as J snapped the picture. The retake was blurry.

New Additions

The chicks have grown and grown. We lost 4, so we have 6. Many of them have names but not all. I am starting to see the pecking order. Blondie or Meg and one of the ones with a striped head seems to be the bosses.
They have started to fly. They get as far as the top of their home. We have added more "lids" for the tub. Next weekend Todd will make them a chicken tractor home.

Saturday we brought our goats home. G was beside herself with excitement.
We did not bring home the boy we thought we would for multiple reasons, but we did bring home the one I thought was the cutest at the Carmen's. He is a Nigerian dwarf named Hugs. He was a bit uneasy about his new home...or maybe is was the 8 humans surrounding him, especially the small, loud excited ones. He seems to have settled into his new digs. He got his name because when he was very little he liked to be held. He still loves to just sit on your lap. His job is to be a companion to Heidi. Goats can get lonely, depressed and unhealthy if they are alone.Heidi on the other hand is normal wild crazy goat kid jumping on the walls, climbing on backs, and chewing on anything and everything. Heidi will be bread this fall and we will have babies in late winter and milk in the spring.