Sunday, June 1, 2008

Emotions run high

Throughout the past year our emotions have run the whole spectrum of ups and downs, confusion, confirmation, and unknowns. This is rough as an adult but the children also feel it. The older they are the more difficult it is to understand and to deal with the emotions. Tabitha just needs extra hugs but as the ages go up the ease with which the emotions are comforted is more difficult.

The Sunday after the offer and before the inspection a number of things didn't go the way Josie expected so she was on edge. Josie has been all for the property--living in the woods, being close to the Blaylocks and the biggy, having her own room to decorate. She is almost as frugal as Todd and suggested living in the barn for the summer once when we were discussing the options. We finally sat down and started talking. As we were talking about the future and not wanting to get our hopes up about the property she blurted out: "I don't want to be a hillbilly living in a barn!" We tried not to laugh, but the phrase did stick. After further discussion she expressed some of her concerns and desires and settled down.

So that is where the name of my blog came from. It reminds us of the emotions we have all suffered and enjoyed on this road to our home in the country.

The emotions are still strained here--Tabitha is begging for hugs, Mary is trying to gain some control in her 3 year old way, Daniel being so even keeled is taking is well--the big trucks involved help, Natalie complains at least once a day "I don't want to move", Gabbi takes turns at all the coping mechanisms, Josie is trying to be helpful and has not had another outburst, but I expect more. Todd isn't sleeping well and working hard at all of his jobs--Delphi, property and moving. I am trying to keep it all together but often feel I am going to loose my marbles. I just try to remember the chaos will pass and the experience will make us stronger.

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