Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm back/ Sewing room

Sorry I haven't been here in a long time. My keyboard is acting funny and to be honest, I'd rather be sewing.

A tiny update: The basement is done...well mostly. I should have pictures soon.

With the basement done I have more room for my craft/desk things in my "Annex" (a cheery corner in the basement) and an opportunity to get some things of my mom's from the barn. So today my project was organizing and rearranging my sewing/laundry room/office. For the time being you can see the top of my sewing table AND the top of my desk.
Organizing my sewing things has been a bit of an emotional experience.
This year I have acquired the sewing collections of three dear ladies: my mom, Todd's Grandmother and a dear friend and mentor from church. So as I went through things I came across many items, tools, and etc. that belonged to each of these special ladies who each contributed a great deal to who I am today. I stopped and pondered often as I organized.

The largest item was the table my dad made for my mom for a specific place in the house I grew up in. I moved it into my sewing room and arranged my machines and toys/tools on and around it. Fun and hard at the same time.
My desk wasn't as emotional as the sewing stuff, but I did run across a number of things (pictures and cards) that made me stop and think and be sad and thankful.

After I took pictures I also got the leftover carpet from the basement. Now my toes won't freeze while I serf and sew.

Just for fun here is a recent sewing project:
M picked the brown with pink flannel. I added the pink blouse and pink trim to the jumper...there is also a pink band on the bottom, my photographer missed that.