Thursday, June 5, 2008

The second big moving day

We had a quiet morning of folding laundry and watching a movie then packing for the next week or so. Then my house was dismantled by my friends.

No snafus or damages. Ryan E. and John Chysler surprise helpers were huge blessings. I only had female helpers lined up and we had some really big things to move.

I saw Josie with the camera a few times so there will be pictures eventually.

My back is doing well. My brain is tired. Maybe a management position is not in my future.

I am sitting here in my almost empty house--box everywhere and things for the next few days are strewn everywhere. I am sitting in a chair I don't' want to move it is uncomfortable, but better than the floor. I have said goodbye to two of my neighbors, the other two I am too close to to say goodbye to. I have also said goodbye to most of my flowers and plants. Tomorrow I will separate some out to take with me. My lavender just grew enough to be bushy. I have had offers of cuttings from many friends and will enjoy growing my new gardens in that way.

Todd, the older girls and the truck are home so I will end my quiet musings and tuck them in bed.

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