Monday, June 2, 2008

House site

One more for tonight.
I took some pictures of the site where the house will be today.

Our driveway is 650' long then you have to turn or you will run into trees. This is the view as you make the turn. You will face the house square on. The House is going to be built up quite a bit. The water table in the area is very high so to get the walkout basement we want we will have to fill quite a bit. The floor of the basement will be at the ground level. So when the house is done there will be a hill here.
The picnic table is in the middle of the garage.
The pond will start about where the brush pile is. We hope to use it for swimming, skating, and fishing. It will be about 100' x 120' and 15' deep at the deepest spot.
We still have quite a bit of moving to do. The rest of the packing should get done tomorrow--barring high maintaniance children. A day at home will do them all good, and me too.

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