Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My living room Shelves!!!

Well....it will be someday! Daddy...help me please. (It is so much cuter coming from a 2 year old) This wood came from trees we had to cut down to have the pond dug. It is mostly white oak and some maple. We had a local man rough cut, kiln dry and plane it for us.
For perspective I wear a 10.5 wide shoe. This is one of the wider baords. They vary because they were cut form the outside of the tree in.

This piece was on top. It looks like the alien from the movie Alien. I love to see the diferent grain marks and make us stories how they were made.

The place that looks like a cut mark is actually smooth so the color variation is in the wood.

Princess Photos

Once upon a time....that's how princess stories start right?...in a Walmart far far away M and I spotted a fairy costume that was too cute to pass up. But the price wasn't. A few weeks later the same pattern was a 99 cent deal at Jo Ann's so we snatched it up. Then she chose the closest green fabric she saw--fortunately we were standing right next the the clearance bolts that we also marked down. So my little fairly who has been on a Tinkerbell kick got the makings for a Tink costume. I told her when it warmed up I would make it--hoping to get some "real" clothes done first. But the "Real" clothes didn't take long and even with cutting and sewing together 16 petal pieces neither did the Tink costume.

She even flits around like a fairy.

Cinderella was searching through the 99 cent patterns also and had difficulty finding her size, but finally did. Then she found the fabric once again on the half off the clearance. It took a bit to find the poof and sleeve fabric, but using the coupons it was easier. So This is what Cinderella spent some of her Christmas gift money on. I asked her if she had money left to pay someone to sew it up. She gave me a scowl. Then thought about and started asking questions, but quickly decided that she would be patient until mommy got to it and not think about spending the amount of money it would take to pay someone to sew.

I had some trouble with lighting--I need a better place to take these kind of pictures, suggestions?--I tried to fix some of the lighting problems with Paint shop, but I need more practice.

I added 18 inches to each of the 3 skirt pieces...it is almost impossible for a princess to have too full of a skirt.

A Day in the Country

The dark spot is the big deer that interrupted story time this morning. It was very thick from side to side. Larger than others we have seen. I didn't see antlers on it. Here is another shot with the brightness reversed--it was about 30 yards away from the house with another larger deer, maybe a buck?, with it. But we never saw that one well.

N loves craft books. This week we studied the Cherokee Indians. Here N and M are planning.

Chief Babbling Brooke

Strong Brave of the Peanut Gallery

Retro Jumper

I finally am getting around to posting pictures of the Jumper I made before I made the S & S Romantic blouse to go with it. It is a Simplicity retro pattern. Before I cut anything I lengthened the bodice an inch, straightened the front darts and shortened the back darts. It fit amazingly well. I am getting pretty good at this fitting thing if I don't say so myself. ahem ahem. The only thing I needed to adjust was some how I got the bodice lining smaller than the bodice so I turned the lining into facing during breakfast the morning I wore it the first time. I also need to trim the front of the arm hole as it was too small to move freely and work in. I had enough fabric left over to make a dress for T. She is tall and keeps growing out of things. I put a 5 inch hem in her dress so it will last for a long time. She told J that she looked like Christine (from Phantom of the Opera).

Sorry the pictures aren't the best. My photographers in training aren't well read in digital camera settings.


We had the 2 girl cats. Recently we were adopted by this white and orange Tom. He has been named Creamsickle. He was the inspiration to get the ladies spayed today. He must have had some people before because he made friends with G. Todd wonders how long he will stay around now that the girls aren't going to be so interested in him. I hope he stays as he brings variety to the group and G loves all critters.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Impotance of Proofreading watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OonDPGwAyfQ (I have no idea how to get the video on my blog, but I am sure it is possible).

I know I need to proofread these better. But unfortunately you do understand what I am saying and unless I get more complaints I will not treat this space like a term paper. OK maybe not until my students start sending me grades on them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My office and sewing projects

J wondered if I was really going to share pictures of my messy office. I reminded her that it isn't too messy for her to try to take over and that some of the mess is hers. It really just id a busy place as this is where two of my favorite machines live--my sewing machine and my laptop.There really is only room for one person to work at a time. I can sit in the old rolling desk chair my mom and I got at an auction and reach my desk that was my grandfather's work desk, my sewing machine cabinet that use to be my grandmother's and my table which my grandparents at breakfast at every morning for years and years. All of which I refinished at some time (after college or in my first year of marriage) they all have the same stain and finish except my desk hutch because my dad made it and somehow the stain color got miscommunicated.This is the only room (other than the great room and kitchen) in the house with more than one window. I squeezed in as many windows as possible for lot of light. Unfortunately I sew after dark most of the time--when else do I get quiet uninterrupted time?--and I need at least one more work light. It could be organized better, but I have wanted a room with these pieces of furniture for a long time and I got it before all my children left home--earlier than I though I would. So it works. When we get another sewer in the family we may need to spread out or give them their own work space and machine(s).Remember clutter is a sign of a great mind. Or maybe just a busy mind.This is the last of the bedroom curtains. I didn't get a good picture of the curtains because of the sunlight. I trimmed our bedroom and bathroom curtains with ribbon. I have more ribbon and plan to use it as accents throughout the room like on my bath "toys" basket.This is what our island was made for.
This is my second attempt at a Romantic blouse from Sense and Sensibility Patterns. I was not happy with the first one, but love how this one turned out. I have a jumper that goes with it,but don't have pictures yet.

This is T's favorite place, or on top of the island. She is there anytime J or I are working in the kitchen.

Unfortunately while I sew I put my friend whom I have a love hate relationship with in charge of entertaining the children. D and M get sucked in immediately and stay. G and N went to play with the cats and J and T were "helping" me.
Actually this was a sick day when 5 children were recovering from strep all the same week.