Thursday, October 30, 2008

inside fall colors

Master Bath. I love my new tub!
I can't wait to use my new kitchen.
Touching up. You can't see the front of my dress--it is caked with tile mastic, grout and many colors of paint. It is getting heavy.
Trim that is drying and waiting to be installed.
M & T's room

Kid's bath
G & N's room
D's room
First inside bath!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

counting down

We are planning to move into our new home on November 8th.

We know it won't be "done", but it will be done enough.

I was looking back a few weeks and I was bemoaning waking up to 55 degrees. Well last week it was 41 in the barn when we awoke more than once (while Todd was in Brazil needing air conditioning) and with the weather forcast for the next few days it will be that cold again. We try to be safe with the kerosene so we turn them off while we are sleeping, so waking it always cold. The night the children slept the best was the night they found the winter hats, mittens and gloves in the barn loft and slept with them on. Tonight T went to bed with a ski mask type hat on. Maybe she will sleep all night again so I can wake up without having a painfully stiff back.

Ryan will start the hardwood floors tomorrow so we don't know how much work in the house we will be able to do. Painting except some minor touch-ups is done. Todd started on doors and trim upstairs this weekend and made great progress, but it is not done yet. I still have to work on getting excess grout off the tile in my bathroom. There is still wood that needs polyurethane. Knobs can go on cabinets. And the list goes on and on.

I finally got to enjoy MY bathtub. It wasn't HOT, but warm enough. I took the last of the hot water for Satuday night baths.

Friday, October 17, 2008

OK now I have had a second harassing this time for actual pictures so these are from earlier this week:

This is what the basement looks like now--kitchen:

school room: and dining room:

They aren't pretty but much warmer.

Now for more pretty things. This my favorite view of the house--across the pond.

Real Grass. We have a little.
This is the reddest tree that still has any leaves
The Mast Bath. Todd and I spent way too many hours working on this. I was up past midnight at least 4 nights this week. Now it is done. When the picture was taken I still had a few tile to put in and grout.
The kitchen with all the cabinet set. Does that satisfy for a bit?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost an update

I have been harassed by the blog police (my dad) to get this updated but have been too busy with tile to do much else.

We have about 3 weeks to go. This week we have been told we will have indoor plumbing. To get that we have some work to do--complete the tile shower and tub surround in the master bath and set the kids bath vanity. SO I have been up past midnight 3 days in a row to get the tile in. I was planning to grout tonight but as I was cleaning up 2 tiles fell off the wall and had to be reset. So I will grout tomorrow. In the process I missed my 20 year high school reunion. I knew wouldn't be able to go, but frustrating tiling made it more disappointing. I am hoping there will be lots of pictures and accounts of the party from my facebook connections.

We are getting tired of living in a barn and a basement, but are excited about how things look. I will try to get pics posted soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday was like bathtub came, the cabinets came and the hard wood floors were completed.

My dad came back to help--what a glutton for punishment. Actually he has been amazingly helpful and we appreciate it more than we can express, especially at his birthday and Father's Day. The children were disappointed when he had to leave. I am sure he will be back before he realizes or really wants to because he misses us so much--hahahahahaha. He does have a homework assignment, but the deadline he was given wasn't until Christmas

Anyhow he and Todd spent Saturday through Tuesday laying the hardwood floor in the house. the best way to see the magnitude for the project would be a picture of the family room, but before I got that taken the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were delivered and took over. So you can't see the floor as well.

Dad measured...only 2.5 square feet of wood flooring left.

So the hardwood is laid and will be finished last so it doesn't get messed up. The tile inside the garage door is laid and will be sealed and grouted later. Ryan also got the granite for the hearth laid and the granite around the fireplace done today. We have all of the first floor painted with a first coat. Touch ups will be needed along with the topcoat that will be a faux finish in the hall and bathrooms.

Living room colors. I will top coat the dark brown with a lighter brown glaze.

T is standing in the shower. You can kind of see the light green walls behind and to the left. Our bed room is a darker shade of the same color.

J started painting her room, but got over zealous and has a bit of touching up to do along with a second coat. The hall upstairs also is ready for its topcoat. I have the other bedrooms marked and ready to paint this weekend before carpet next week.