Monday, June 30, 2008

My new dryer!

My new dryer (aka clothes line) is up and running. I did laundry at the laundramat and only dried about half of the loads--the sheets and towels since I needed to put the sheets back on the beds tonight and knew they wouldn't be dry otherwise. My line is way loaded down with 75% of a week's worth of clothing for eight of us.
Is there a rule about how many feet of line per person? How about how many pins? I bought three packages of 50 clip style pins, I already had about 75. I could have used more. I doubled pinned most things, overlapping.

I prefer to do laundry in one day. Now that I have to go to the laundramat for the summer to wash, I almost have to or I wipe out 2 days doing laundry. I like to hang things on hangers to dry that get hung up in closets so that saves a bit of room, but I think will slow progress. I know that I will have to spread the laundry out over at least two days or get DH to hang more line.

Any other hints or suggestions for using a clothes line?

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