Monday, June 2, 2008

1974 Holiday Rambler

After investigating shower and hot water options we decided an old camper/trailer would be our best option. So I looked in the local classifieds online. I found this 22' camper with new water tanks, floor and propane tanks. Todd looked into it and it was being auctioned by an auction house in Chesaning. We decided to check it out. The warehouse that is was in was very creepy. We had to walk a bit through this creepy ancient dark warehouse. I never would have gone in if Todd hadn't been there with me.

Anyhow, we looked at it and it was in pretty good shape. While we were walking out we decided to get it. But to get it we had to do the auction thing. The auction ran from Sunday (it was Tuesday) to Sunday. So I placed the bid Sunday evening. And we won! We were the only bidders.

The following Thursday we went down to fetch it. The back of our Astro rides a bit low so Todd had to go to a local car shop and have them help him flip the hitch. That took a while. Then we went back to hook it up--the wiring plug was a bit archaic and would not at all match what is on the van. Oh well we would take back roads home. Driving through town the trailer door flew open--we only knew because some folks in their yard hailed us to let us know. I closed it, then we were off only to have it fly open again. I finally found the keys on a drawer and locked it. We didn't have far to go,but we took the back roads very slowly. The bumps were jarring, fearing the trailer hitch would bottom out.

We finally made it back to the property in time to catch the Menards delivery of 70 sheets of OSB and 30 sheets of dry wall. As we approached the property we saw a semi trailer (just the trailer) in the road in front of our property. It took a few minutes to figure it out. But when we got back to the property we heard the diesel engine of the cab. The cab had a fork lift thing and unloaded the pallets of materials and drove them back and dropped them right outside the barn--convenient.

So here are the pictures of our temporary bathroom, kitchen, office and guest room. It sleeps four comfortably--of 2 of them are small. And of course the first nights it was in our possession everyone had to argue about who was sleeping there. Dad--who was to be the first guest in our guest room--opted for his tent. I'd like to recover teh pads on the benches and curtains (none of the curtains match each other) but that project will save for a rainy day after we are settled.

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