Sunday, June 1, 2008

BIG moving day

Todd got us up at 7:30 and we started packing right after breakfast. Helpers started showing up around 9. Then a few phone calls later we had more helpers around 10. Larry, Steve, Jerry, Mark, my dad and briefly Ellen Helped out. And also Jennifer who was a huge help and Evan who was great preparing lunch when he saw the cookies for dessert.

I spent most of the day with my head spinning people asking me what went where--i coded most of the boxes with colored tape from U-Haul, but ran out of one color and didn't want to tape furniture. I also had to have some idea of where the little ones were. I was told the basement was a priority in the morning, so I spent the morning in the cool of the basement. I took the little girls to Kroger for a food and tape run. When I got back I found some miscommunication had taken place with furniture and had to save my clean socks an underwear from the moving truck.

Around 11:30 we had lunch. Ellen brought sloppy Joe's and watermelon which were polished off in no time. Then Todd, the 4 older children, Dad, Steve and Mark took off with the very full truck and 2 full vans. I put the little girls to bed and crashed a bit myself--it took a bot to get my brain to stop spinning but I finally got some rest.

Todd called at 2:30 to ask for the storage unit's access code. So I knew they unpacked the stuff from the barn and were on their way back to Saginaw. It took a bit to arrange things in the storage unit, bu they finally got home about 4.

I convinced Todd to take his sabbath a bit early and take us put to dinner and to see the Restored to Glory Dance presentation. Most of the Baldwin children and the Eischer girls, among other we know were involved and The children didn't want to miss it. He conceded and took a shower and a rest. The performance was great--a serious reminder of the spiritual warfare that goes on around us--unlike a "normal" dance recital. It also was fun to see our friends dance. All of the children thought it would be fun to participate--but an hour drive each way for dance lessons is a bit much.

So we got home late, and tired and were welcomed by the remains of moving day--bits and pieces everywhere plus the dust bunnies that were growing under all the furniture. Everyone was asleep quickly.

PS Sorry there are no pictures. I was hoping to post some pictures of the packed truck and the property, but none were taken because everyone was so busy with other things.

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