Thursday, June 19, 2008

Errand Quandry

We had our second day long errand running marathon today. Now errands are different. Before we could run to Wal-mart or grocery store for a change of pace during the day. Now to drive to town (Saginaw) is at least 30 minutes, round trip at least an hour. So while we are there we should do as much as possible, right? So I need to define as much as possible--for me alone, although it rarely happens, I could stand maybe five hours, with a nap when I get home. Josie about the same. Gabbi, if food or outdoor activity is involved about the same. Natalie, if clothing shopping/buying is involved about 3.5 hours. Daniel is buying something at every stop or buying at least one train and a car or the only place we go has TV about 3 hours--he spent what was left of his little allowance at Meijer on a TV shopping cart. It was great except Mary and Tabitha fought over who got to ride shotgun with him. Mary will last about 2 hours. Tabitha is in between 2 hours and all day depending on how much mommy attention she is getting.

So if we go with the lowest common denominator we have 2 hours including one hour of drive time. I can barely get groceries purchased in that amount of time.

So today by the time we got home 5.5 hours after we left everyone was grumpy and needed time out. But you know how time out goes everyone else goes off to climb dirt hills or practice guitar or play dress up while mommy fixes dinner with a toddler under foot.

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