Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally out.

I had planned on more timely updates, but as you can tell that hasn't happened. My excuse is that the wireless connection at my mom's in a big city was much lowing than it is at home in the boonies. So now that I am back in "civilization"--actually we are in town staying with Stephanie for a couple days until Todd gets home from Brazil. So I hope to play catch up over the next few days. Our barn home will be put together in a few days too. I just bought carpet and counter top for Todd to put in now that he is rested up by just doing his real job instead of the manual labor he has been doing in addition to engineering.

I was roused out of bed by my neighbor Kim who promised to bring her vacuum for us to borrow since we couldn't find our extra vacuum bags and filled the one in the machine the day before. She walked in with a cup of coffee also which I longingly gazed at...she said "I wondered..." She left to bring back coffee, a shovel and something else I can't remember while I got dressed. I was happy to see the thermos full of flavored coffee she brought back. Now I could get to work.

We packed the last items and cleaned as we went in the same order as we had for showings--we had that routine down pat. Kim spent most of the morning in the basement, I went down to check on her as she was sweeping cobwebs off the walls. I told her they were antiques. She replied she didn't think they were included in the deal. SO on we went.

We finally got to vacuuming the bed rooms. Josie wanted try Kim's new Dyson. When I went in to check she said "Is it possible to have a crush on a vacuum". We will have to investigate that when we have area to vacuum

We finished packing and cleaning. We had the vans so full that we had to park the borrowed vacuum at a neighbor's because it wouldn't even fit on some one's lap. I had saved my bridal bouquet under glass that hangs in our entry until last so it could ride safely with me to the property. We started to get keys off key rings, but couldn't remember which went to which door or even if they went to this house, the last house, either of my parent's houses or something else. So we had to try them all out. We found and labeled at least one key for each lock/door. By then we were late for turning in the keys and a meeting with Randy so we squeezed into the vans and took off. I didn't realize until much later that I had forgotten my flowers.

As we finished Josie went around and took pictures of the empty house. Empty houses are so sad. I am glad she did it though.

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steph said...

Did you ever get your wedding flowers? Please post pictures of the barn house.