Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inside the barn

OK, to please my friends and their curious relations here are pictures of the inside of the barn, our temporary home. As you can see I am less than organized which is wrecking havoc on my psyche. I tried to start this morning but have no idea where to find the right drill bit to start hanging organizing racks and shelves. So now I am heating water to try to wash my hair. The water heating will take 10 times as long as the bath, but I am hoping it will be worth it.

Our barn home has 2 rooms. The front room (20' x 16') is the the kitchen (when we get water and electricity) and master bedroom and, if/when we get to it, the school room. One of the boxes I have yet to locate has all of Natalie's and Gabbi's school books in it.

Then you walk through the closet to the children's room (16' x 16'). We are still working on organization and routine.

This morning at 7:45 AM Randy came to stake the house. So we know where it is going to be. The drill digger was also here and seemed optimistic. He said he'd be back in about 2 weeks.

PS It took a bit to get these pictures uploaded, so I thought I would follow up on my "warm" bath. It was warmer than the air temperature but not by much. The camp shower (a battery operate pump) made a huge difference in my ability to wash my hair. I even shaved my legs. It felt great to be clean, but it took a couple hours to warm up. Any other day in mid-June I would have enjoyed the chill, but not today.

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