Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pond Scum

I have been worried about the fertility of the soil here as it is getting closer to time to plant a garden. Todd has been worried about the algae and leaves in the pond. A friend (Rachael R. from the Delta co-op) suggested to put the algae on the pond. I thought that would be way too much work.

But this week we had a 60+ degree day. The children have been asking when they can go swimming or at least get into the pond. So I made a connection...I told them they could go into the pond up to their knees if they harvested the algae for my garden.

My children would never decline the opportunity to get the water so they agreed. I sent J for Todd's minnow saning net. She returned with her "mucking" boots, his net and his fishing waders. It was quite the site.
J and G used the net. N help land the catch and we all dumped it into a plastic tub. I transferred it into the nearest thing I could find to pull it over to the garden site: a sled. Then I dumped it onto the sand that is supposed to make vegetables this summer.
They had a blast and got plenty dirty. It wouldn't qualify as the first swim, but they got a little wet. Even J outfitted to stay dry slid on an underwater slope and ended up with water in the waders via the armpit. OOOOhh cold!