Monday, June 2, 2008


We had had a rough day and I needed to be around some adults...actually anyone who was not going to fuss at whatever I said, so this afternoon the children and I took dinner to Todd and Dad.

I took pictures of progress on the barn and the trailer/camper for you all.
Gabbi said that the property felt more like home. I said I hoped so, because it would be in a few days. Mary is trying to figure out "property living day"; the day we actually will be living on the property.
Dad said we need a name for our place other than "the property." Any suggestions? We named our school Olive Branch Academy, but we don't have any olive trees--just maple, red oak and pine.

This will be the bedroom--all of the children will share this 15 x 16 room.

Dad working on the second closet from the bedroom.
Dad standing in the same place but taken from the living room/kitchen.
He is still standing in the same place. Here you can see the wall that will eventually be our kitchen.
Back of barn, windows to bedroom.Front of barn, windows to the living room. The pile of wood is going to be recycled into a garden fence or components of forts/outposts and tree stands.
I will update pictures as it looks more like a home for people instead of animals. To realize the amazing progress check out my first posts about the Ring Road Property.

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