Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Inspection and Beyond

We started talking more details with Randy W. (builder).

Finally the inspection--we had taken off for a weekend at the property with dad, leaving the house in good condtion.

we got a call from Rnady B. saying they couldn't get the furnace to kick on. W etold them that the thermostat was new and is tricky sometimes. They said they would schedule another time when we were home to recheck it.

More on the weekend later.

The adendum after the inspection included a new garage door opener, fix a loose vent on the roof and secure loose wires near the electical box. The vent and wires tokk care of Monday night. A friend from church who used to install garage door openers came over to help Todd on Wednesday. He ended up doing almost the entire thing in a bit over an hour--takign a break to scarf down some dinner.

We were releived, but still hilding our breaths.

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