Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back to history: Price Drop, Open House and Offer

In early April Todd and I talked about lowing the price of the house so we could get on with building and living on the property. Shortly after Randy B. (real estate agent) approached us to schedule an open house and to discuss price. We dropped the price on April 16th. We got a call for showing the next day. Sunday was our scheduled open house. We also got a call before the open house for a showing on Monday and a call after the open house for a showing on Tuesday. Let's just say the house has never been that clean for that long. We grew optimistic that something was going to happen, and nervous with thoughts of the deal gone bad last fall.

Randy reported that the open house went great. He had people in the house almost all afternoon.

The immediate feedback from the showing Monday was that she was working on a offer, but we tried not to get our hopes up. The Tuesday showing also was interested,but they had some complicated finances to work with.

I am pretty sure it was Tuesday that we got the offer. It was a bit low, but no contingencies and only the major appliances we didn't want we asked for. Within a few days we agreed on a price and possession terms. We let out a small sigh of relief. Then we had to get through the inspection. They didn't call and they didn't call and we got nervous. We called Randy and he said we were being a bit paranoid. the date we had told them they had to do the inspection by came and went. Finally they scheduled the inspection for 4/9.

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