Wednesday, July 30, 2008

general update

I realize that I haven't written in over a week and something should be done about that. Well, I am just writing tonight to let you know that everything is going along as planned. Since I wrote last week they have finished the rough framing of the inside, the sheeting on the outside including the roof and the rough plumbing is in the basement.

We also have celebrated a birthday, gotten 13 projects to the county fair receiving 12 ribbons and been swimming in our "swimmin' hole" many times.

Tomorrow and Friday the roof goes on. Next week Todd and my dad (yes, he agreed to come back after a long recovery period from May) will do siding. I think the real fun will begin then as the inside of the house develops into all we vision. We may even get the well hooked up after Wednesday when they pour the basement.

I will work on pictures later.

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