Tuesday, July 22, 2008

inside walls

I thought a picture wouldn't quite do justice to the inside walls. In 2 dimensions it just looks like a forest of 2 x 4s. I did enjoy walking though my bedroom, dreaming of stocking my closets and placing my sewing machine in a very sunny corner of the laundry room. Right now they are putting the floor of the upstairs on--wow, is it up high. I asked one of the framers as he was balancing on the floor joists how many time he has fallen off of a house. He told me now was not a good time to talk about it.

The pond level is almost up to the top bigger rock in the previous pictures. I guess I need to place more landmarks as it continues to fill up. I have been told that 19" apart up the slop will be six inches in depth so maybe I will take my tape measure instead for using my feet to measure, or someone with smaller feet.

I have clothes on the line again today. I enjoy having fresh scented clothes, but my timing isn't always very good. Last Friday I was late in getting things up and they didn't get dry before bed time. The next day as we were finishing lunch it started to sprinkle so I rushed to get everything off the line. I think today will be better. The sun has been out most of the day and for the first time in a week we have a slight breeze. I figure only about 5 days of clothing will fit on my clothes line so we go to the laundromat more often than the children like. It really only takes less than an house from leaving the driveway to returning, but we often get distracted on the way home by flea markets, parks, garage sales, and country drives.

PS I got distracted by the plumber, a walk to the fridge for dinner fixin's, and dark clouds approaching fast from the west. I called the girls to help get the clothes off the line before they got wet. They ran things to the barn as I unpinned the last towel from the line just in time to keep everything dry.

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