Wednesday, July 16, 2008


These are later than I had planned because of a number of things including the heat/humidity and some miscommunications that have left a bad taste in my mouth (mood). I do have a ton of pictures so it may be awhile until they are all up.

Anyhow watching the dirt movers was really neat. In fact our family entertainment Monday night was watching them dig.I am glad Kirk cancelled guitar lessons--thanks Kirk. The Gushow guys were super nice and very careful around the children. Having the BIG machines roll around--they drive those things as if they were sports cars--did take a toll on my nerves. I had to know where everyone was at all times. And yelling for them was not an option because of the noise.

When Sophie was done protecting us from the bulldozer (she barked at it on and off). She challenged the digger to miss her as she investigated the water.

Monday they didn't start until noon, but they didn't stop until after 8:00 PM. They had the pond 25% done and a bunch of dirt around the house.

They also helped lift the center support bean for the house into place

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