Friday, July 18, 2008

We have walls!

Today Randy's crew got the front and back walls and a couple interior walls up. I found two things that need attention and left notes in crayon (the only available marking tool). Other than that it is getting exciting to see the plans I have been staring at for over a year become 3D.Front of house--windows from l to r living room, entry (door), master bedroom, master bath

Back of house--windows from l to r laundry/sewing room, kitchen, dining room

view out at kitchen sink

view out dining room door (there will be a deck there some day--next year I hope.

view out laundry/sewing room

view out front living room

view from pond side of house

Pond level as of this evening the rock sticking out of the water is the second one we placed. By the way I have been told each rock represents about 7 inches of depth--thank you those who did the math--for the rest of you I didn't double check either.

These last 2 pictures were on the camera (I had let Gabbi take it to take pictures of the pond) I enjoyed them I thought you might also.

He must have wanted a turn as the photographer not the subject..this is his "I didn't get my way look."


Anonymous said...

It's coming along nicely. I wanna see the finished product. I know you're tired and excited.~Blessings~Nikki(A momys in TN)

Brenda Jean said...

Things are looking good! I just read your post at MaryJane's forum, and have to say you are one brave woman:) It will all be worth it when the house is done!