Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our well

The biggy for this week was getting the well dug.

It took all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday. We learned about well drilling--what subject does that count for? Earth Science? The guys were very nice and didn't' seem bothered as we pulled up our camp chairs and watched. They even showed us what the bit looks like that they drill with.

This is a bit like the one they use to drill the first 80 feet then they switch to a smaller one.

It was a noisy process and made a mess. They used water to keep the drill cool and to bring up the stuff the bit ate through. They caught most of it and recycled the water as much as possible. But it did spill and we now have yet a different color of dirt around the house.

Sophie (neighbor dog) came to offer her expert digging advice to the well guys.

Tuesday they got down to about 180 feet but it wasn't bringing up enough water, so Wednesday they got down to a little over 200 feet and said we would have plenty of water.

The bummer is that we can't get water from it until we get the tank set in the basement. But that can't happen until the basement floor is in. But that can't happen until the roof is on--about 3 more weeks. So we will continue our daily trips to the village park to fill up our 4 jugs.

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