Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pond Level

It was another doosey today with lots of heat and humidity.

The framing crew started early to try to beat the heat. When we got home from a nice visit to our old neighbors' pool this afternoon they had the first floor (OSB) in and the back wall built but not up (it is lying on the floor just like so many things that don't belong on the floor). It will be up tomorrow I am sure.

The rain we got last night did not do any visible damage. I didn't even see any erosion marks from the rain going down hill from the house to the pond.

So the pond is up almost over the first rock. The rocks are evenly space up the bank of the pond. If I thought about it long enough I could figure out how many vertical feet it is. The grade there is down 1 foot out 3 feet. The rocks are spaced about 22 inches apart. So math whizzes how far is it from rock to rock in vertical depth.

This is the first picture I took (Tuesday 7-15 evening) with the measuring rocks for reference.

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Melissa Nelson said...

If I did the math right, it should be approximately 7 inches vertical depth between rocks.