Sunday, August 3, 2008

County Fair

This was the first year any of us other than Todd have entered anything in the county fair. I was happy with how we all did. We also had friends that entered for the first time and they also did very well. It was a thrill seeing our thing on display--especially for the girls.

J entered 3 photographs here is the one that did the best. These are the eggs we found in a robin's nest right near the barn. We even got to see the baby birds grow a bit and get big enough to fly off. She also entered a picture of the back hoe and dump truck as they dug our pond (second place) and of the neighbor dog (third)

G entered a group of 8 pictures of the horses that live where she is currently taking lessons. Unfortunately the picture of the pictures doesn't do the grouping justice.
N entered a food collage (shown here), a drawing of a pine tree (fourth place) and a pone cone nativity scene.

I entered N's civil war costume I made last fall (first, shown above), a dress I made for J from a 1950's pattern (third) and a blouse (second) I made for myself (below), a jar of raspberry jam (third), and a hand embroidered sewing kit (second). Grown ups only get stickers not ribbons. The girls were disappointed for me.

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