Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our first Swim!

Even more exciting than the bedrooms being framed today was our first swim in the pond! The children begged and begged to "get wet" knowing what that really meant I told them we could do that after dinner so Daddy wouldn't miss out. Before the dishes were done they were in their suits and ready to go.

Todd got in mostly to check the depth. He walked all over, it was fun to watch his face as he found drop offs. He got his 18' measuring stick and found "the hole" in the south east corner about 10 feet off the current water edge just beyond Josie's head in the above picture. It is about 12 feet. the pond could get more than six more feet deep in the spring.
The children had a blast. Of course they are all fish.
For whatever reason the children thought Todd had said that they all have to wear life jackets. I didn't think this was necessary since the older 3 are strong swimmers. So the test to go in without a life jacket is to swim from one side to another. The feat was easily managed by the older 3, so they shed the PFD's fast. Mary will have to wear one until she is a little less spontaneous.Tabitha was a little unsure as she lost her balance easily at the drop offs she also got cold before everyone else so she and I took off for a solar warmed bath/shower. I hope they all sleep well.

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