Thursday, July 17, 2008

New dress

This actually has nothing to do with living in a barn or building a house, but I like to post my sewing projects at the Sense and Sensibility Forum so I just cut and pasted this. When given the opportunity to complete something I will share my projects here also.

My first vintage dress for me! My actual first dress made from an original vintage (1950) pattern was for my DD and I still haven't gotten a picture of it. It turned out lovely.

I needed several summer dresses and love the simple lines and waist slimming look of the early 50's. I had collected a few old patterns off of eBay. It isn't easy to find my size in things from "back then". I guess the 50's was before America got fat. I did get a few I really liked. I only got one dress sewn before we moved.

I went on a sewing retreat in mid May. Everyone else was working on quilts, but I had finished my quilt top and really wanted a new summer dress so I work on this. I was the youngest lady there. A number of the ladies thought they remembered the pattern. It was a delightful weekend. They even measured the hem for me and did a better job than my DH does.

Any how...I made a few alterations--lengthened the bodice in the front and widened the bodice-- not quite the correct way so the boat neck is a bit wide--without trying it on first. The length was good, but it was too big around. I made the proper adjustments. Then I fought with the sleeve facings. I could not figure out why it was being so difficult. They I realized I was putting them in upside down. Other than that is went together very smoothly and I love the look. I am happy to say it is getting a little big in the belly since the distance from the bedroom (barn) past the coffee pot (other side of house) to breakfast (camper) is more than I would walk before nap time on days we didn't leave the old house.

Note the (knock-off crocs) they are like slippers around here.

It's been a long few days so I have rambled and the pictures aren't the greatestI look tired to me. Just remember I have been sweating almost all day along wiht my normal duties. Now you know more about sewing passion. If things ever slow down around here I will get out the machine one of those quilters gifted me with (if you want the while story on that you will have to ask, my fingers are getting tired) I will be able to create more.

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