Monday, August 25, 2008


The other big event when we got back from IN was the acquisition of our first pets/livestock. We adopted 4 month old sister kittens from the parents of G's riding teacher who are veterinarians. They were named Sara (G's choice) is the darker one and Maday (D's suggestion from a Thomas the Tank Engine episode) has white front legs and more white on her.
They have very different personalities--Sara is more timid and will tolerate being held better. Maday is skittish and more of a hunter, but will start purring as soon as she is picked up. They spent their first week in the chicken coop to establish it as their home. (Suggested by the vet's office workers.) Now they are exploring a wider and wider circle around the barn. Their favorite place right now is the scrap wood pile in front of the barn. Last night they were trying to climb trees, but didn't get far. They learned the birch bark is slippery. They still like to sleep in their laundry basket with a blanket Gabbi set up for them before they came to live with us.

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