Monday, August 25, 2008

Pond Take 2

Todd wasn't happy with the shape of the pond and was concerned about weeds growing in the shallow cove. So when the excavators come to put on the overflow and the drain for the sump, geothermal and the eaves troughs they reshaped the pond. First they had to empty to pond. They ran a pump for 4 hours in Tuesday evening which drained it most of the way and flooded the woods east of the pond.

They ran the pump for another half hour before they started digging in the morning. They spread the dirt they dug out of the pond all around--adding to the grade around the house and building up the path to the barn and back meadow. When the bulldozer got here Daniel found his bulldozer and helped flatten the piles of sand.Unfortunately there was a spot by the old pond that had a lot of broken glass in it. We never got it really cleaned up. now all of that sand is between the barn and camper. We have had 2 minor cuts from it (combined with children who refuse to wear shoes). A heavy rain helped us find a couple handfuls, hopefully there won't be any more injuries.
We still have a few extra piles, but they will either blend into the landscape eventually or be used other places. The pond is slowly filling again.

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