Friday, August 15, 2008

General update

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth--just went to Indiana for a bit.

The house is coming along. The biggest thing is that we now have water at the property! No more trips to town for water, we just have to walk across the property with our jug.

The children and I stayed with my mom for a few days and go tot go to the Indiana State fair among other adventures and days of rest. We has a good time. We also go tot see Todd's extended family and spend a night at the family farm. The only negative aspect of our trip was me wrenching my back the night before we left IN for home. I am still a bit uncomfortable so this will be short.

My dad stayed a few days after we left and helped Todd with siding and moving our camper/kitchen. Todd continued to work on siding with help from friends. It is looking great! But it is kind of slow going especially when he works alone.

In the house all but the garage doors are in and the fireplace is in. The plumbing is roughed in and the electrical has been started. We are starting to make decor decisions. Today we chose the window sills. It seems minor but it is all those minor choices that are going to take up all of our time over the next weeks. Fortunately I have a general idea of the overall look I want and also what budget restraints there are so I haven't been having any difficulty making decisions. Todd doesn't have much input so that also eases the process.

OK my back is sore I am off to rest it ans look at decorating books.
Pictures soon...

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