Wednesday, August 27, 2008


People have asked me how I cook so I took some pictures to explain my kitchen. What I can't really show is how far it is from the kitchen proper to the refrigerator shack or ice house. I think it is about 300 feet maybe less. You have to go through the garage or around the house to get there also.

We call the screen tent that we never zip up the dining room. I love having a tree in my kitchen.
If you count all 3 tables I have more counter top space than my old kitchen.
This is the sink. One tub for washing then the dishes go into the next tub for a dousing with boiling water. The dish drainers in the back drain off the back of the table top. This table is made from a salvaged desk top and the frames for our garden cold frames.

The stove we use T had before we were married I think. The Stainless table was from Todd's grandmother's restaurant. Todd uses it for outdoor fish cleaning--when he gets to fish, not this summer. Mostly it is just for extra putting places next to the stove.
This table was our first dining room table. I bought it at a garage sale for Todd before we were even engaged. We still use the chairs. We have trouble finding enough chairs that won't break easily.
This is our water jug collection. Now we only have to go over by the house to full them up, but we used to put them all in the back of the van whenever we went to town, so on the way home we could get water.

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