Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pond take 2 (cont'd), Insulation, and Give a Hoot Don't Pollute

The Pond is filling in nicely. It is still about 3 feet below where it was before they pumped it out.

The Excavators say it is heart shaped now. I think how romantic. But I think it is kidney shaped, and actually from the other side of the pond it looks like a banana to me.
Just below the house you can see where we are going to put a retaining wall to define the beach.

The siding on the front of the house is done. T is still waiting for the window guy to fix the second window on the back and the doors in the garage to be put in (Tuesday) to finish the back of the house and garage.

Yesterday they put the insulation in--what a messy job. It is blown in cellulose. They blow it form the truck through the big tubes and it just sticks to the walls. It looks like it would all go flying if you sneeze, but they told me it is slightly damp when they blow it and it has a glue in it so it will stay and even get kind of stiff.
It defined the room s more. Above is the master bedroom and below the family/dining room.
Below is looking across the hall into the upstairs bathroom and through the sink wall into D's room

As I was walking around the pond for the pictures above I ran into the whiskey bottle grave yard. A couple days ago I mentioned that we knew of an area that had broken glass that had been transferred to the area between the barn and the kitchen. Anyhow the original site of the glass still contains quite a bit of glass. Below is what I found in a matter of about 15 minutes in an area about 20x 20 feet. So more than 30 years ago Mr. Brown threw his broken or empty bottles here not knowing children would want to play there. I plan to post a "no barefoot past this point" sign and work on finding as much glass as possible before the children swim there and the top soil hides the worst of it.

SO before you just throw something on the ground think about who might want a safe and clean spot there in 50 years and who is going to have to clean up after you or pay for your mess. I would love to slap Mr. Browns hands, but I have a feeling it's too late. It is kind of sad.

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