Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fall at the property

The BEFORE picture:

All fall long we spent as many Saturdays as possible cleaning up and fixing up the barn. The ends only had rough framing. Todd wanted to get the ends completed before winter. The porch fiasco slowed us down a bit, but Thanksgiving weekend Todd and his brother put the last piece of steel siding on.

My dad came to help a couple of weekends including an October weekend that had a high around 85 degrees--very very unusual for us.

I couldn't find any pictures of them sweating but here they appreciated the cool day in late November. Three generations working together!

We had friends come help. The largest work party was in early November when Steve, Joe and some of his children and Jim and some of his children came to help.

Josie also had her birthday party at the property. We had dinner over the fire and the girls got to experience the woods in the dark--some did better than others. Then they came home to not sleep at our house.

We enjoyed the beautiful fall at the property on Saturdays, during the week we tried to keep the house clean, but there was always weeping and gnashing of teeth when the calls came from the real estate office. It seemed we had about 3 showings a month, maybe more.

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