Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Todd talked to all the "experts" (DEQ, health dept. and Randy W) and no one was concerned about the water table. Randy said he wants to be there with the health dept. guy (whose last name is Ellis, my maiden name) and that we will just build higher than we first thought and get a "daylight basement" out of the deal. That's fine with me, then the basement will be more user friendly. But the house will look huge.

So we meet With Randy W. tomorrow night. Thursday Todd meets with the DEQ person and Randy meets with the health department person. Oh yeah, tomorrow morning Randy B. brings his realtor friends to see the house. Hopefully we will get more showings after that. The people who saw our house Saturday liked it 2nd best--the back yard, or rather lack there of was the major issue. They opted for a less expensive house. We may be dropping our price, we will see what Randy B's friends say.

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