Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Fordney road is a dead deal. We knew that Friday, I don't know if that got passed on.

We are meeting Randy W. at the Ring road property tomorrow to get his input. Todd is not excited about the lack of trees. But we don't have a lot of options. I like the land because is has history--the old barn. The driveway may be too expensive.

[Note: I didn't include some information about this peice of property. It is behind a house we looked at a few years ago, but we knew we couldn't afford the property also so we didn't look. We didn't think the hous ewould work for us and was overprice. Any how Todd insisted we stop to look at it on a trip to the Fordney Road property. He liked it. I thought it was too expensive--$30K more than the other peice--and we didn't need 20 acres]

The negotiation process is still going on the land, but looks good. Todd is so good at that stuff...not me we'd pay full price for everything if I had to do it. We will still need to have the health department do their thing to see if we can do a septic, but since there is already one there, though ancient, that shouldn't be an issue.

Our offer on the 20 acres on Ring Road was accepted today. Now we have to get a Perc test done and ensure there are no wetland issues. The price was more than we initially wanted to spend, but the land is so much more suited to our desires for our family: there is already a decent barn, not too big with 3 animal stalls, a clearing for the house yard and a good size garden, a perfect place for a 1/2 acre pond for skating, swimming and fishing, about 7-8 acres of woods and another 7-8 acres that appears to have been tilled at some point but is now shrubs and small trees. We are praying that the rest of this transaction would be smooth.

Our current house was shown for the third time in the month that it has been on the market. Not enough to be very encouraging, but some interest. As soon as the land deal is confirmed we will lower the price a little and see what happens. We are praying that the sellers come forward soon. And that finding temporary housing will be easy to find.

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