Tuesday, May 27, 2008


More roller coaster…
First where I left off. Randy B. said his associates thought the house might be priced a little high, but it is a lot of house. They also couldn’t believe that 6 children live here. We haven’t had any showings as a result, yet. We are going to give the price 30 days then reevaluate.

Today the inspectors went to the property. The septic inspector guy didn’t have any problems or surprises. But the DEQ lady gave Todd disappointing news. Most of the site we wanted to build on is wetlands so we can’t build there. They walked off areas that are not, but Todd did not feel we could build in that amount of area. It would be an area about the size of a subdivision lot. Could we get a pond, big garden and big house with some yard on that size of land? It didn’t seem like it.

Last night after our meeting with Randy to go over the contract and the plans I felt grateful that we have Christian builders, not only that but homeschooling, God serving, walking the walk Christian builders who we can work with and communicate well with. I also felt one with Todd. Everything seems to be clicking between us—ideas, dreams, reality. It feels good to be on the same page. I know communication is not always clear, but we try to get it clear if it is muddy. I pray that this stressful experience will draw us closer.

So back to the roller coaster. Just before bedtime Josie and Gabbi figured out that it didn’t look like we could build and both were in tears. Our Bible Story time was Romans 4 it is about faith. We are justified by faith. Not by finding the right house or the right land, but by faith. How appropriate.

As Todd was putting them to bed I looked for other pieces of land or houses online. I found nothing, nothing that perked our interest or fit our pocketbook. When Todd came out I told him “We need to get the children off the roller coaster.” He agreed. He is feeling the roller coaster intensely also.

Todd talked to Randy W. and he didn’t offer any clear cut solutions, but did provide some wise council. And I hope prayer support. It felt like it at least.

So after finding no real options online we looked at Todd’s drawings and notes from today and before. We played with where to put the house and the other stuff—pond, septic, etc. I finally got out graph paper and sketched the “dry” site and house to scale. We would build close to the property line. Not ideal, but doable especially with a berm and/or row of fast growing pines. I think I offered a perspective Todd didn’t have and assurance that maybe it could work. Each time he goes to the land he likes it more and more. Tonight he found some trails in the back of the property. For the price of the land I think we can make it work.

So everything is still up in the air. Todd needs to get the sketch of the site plan to the DEQ lady and see what she says. The deadline to decline the purchase agreement due to inspection is drawing near so next week we will have something for sure. My prayer is for clarity and ease with the whole project. Although things worth doing right aren’t always easy, but I can still pray for it.

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