Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6/1/07 and 6/14/07

We went to the land again tonight with Randy and Becky. Becky has been tagging along with Randy to "get out of the house and visit". Tonight we stood in my "kitchen" (well about where it will be) and talked while the guys walked around looking for property lines. We still need to figure out some details and get more solid numbers from Randy but it is looking good. The big complication is the DEQ's restrictions. We have to fit within a small area. We can almost do it, but the pond will be out of the area and we have to justify where it is.

Last night we were out late also. Randy had that 10 acres on Townline to show us. We were unimpressed. The lot is 100 feet narrower than the Fordney rd one and had just as much wet land, although it is not where the house would go so there wouldn't be DEQ issues.

Randy also wanted to show us a foreclosure just down the road. The outside was very impressive with a stone front. It was huge! Actually it is not much bigger than the floor plan I drew, but the closets are huge, it has 1.5 more bathrooms, the ceilings are higher, no wood floors and has a more interesting layout with nooks and crannies and fancy roof lines and a neat balcony over the great room. The basement has water issues (I guess the sump pump failed) and it has mold on all of the dry wall in the stairwell and up the stairs. The kids of course loved it and said it was a mansion. It also did not have a pond or a real fireplace. The carpet in most of the house was a funny blue/green swirly pattern that neither of us liked.

So the plan now is to go back to the Fordney Road people and tell them the Perc test was unacceptable and we are waiting on the DEQ to see if we can adjust to make it acceptable (in other words can we build a pond). If they don't want to wait we are going back to square one. Todd can't talk to the DEQ lady until Friday. We keep wondering why this is being so difficult. Is it God waiting to show us something better or is it Satan getting in the way.

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