Thursday, May 28, 2009


This was the first long swim of the season. I love going to the "pool": we dont' forget anything, if we do it is just in the house. The lifeguard's chair is in the shade. We don't have to clean up if we don't want to.

I asked G to get the new lawnmowers out to entertain me while I watched the people kids swim. They weren't much company, they wanted to eat the grass just past the length of the leash.




Anonymous said...

Dear Josie,
I am so excited that you are farming! I can tell you really love it!:) I think it would be so fun if we could come and camp on your farm somtime or at least stay a day. Rebecca had another BOY!!!!
MATTHIAS KINDER.He is adorable!
Love you,
Hannah F.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gabby,
Hi! I Think your goats are so cute!
We have lots of baby animals! 4kids,7lambs,8 piglets,chicks,a gosling,10 kittens,and ducklings (soon to hatch). I really hope we can see you soon!
Love you,
Hannah F.

Anonymous said...

Dear Natalie,
How are you? We have 10 kittens! 4 of them are mine and I named them already. this is what I named them:
Orange Tom #1:"Tometilla"
Orange Tom # 2:"Paprika"
Grey Tom: "Flannel Klaus"
Orange Female:"Daffy-down-dilly"
Orange female cats like Daffy are very rare and I want to keep her. I had an orange female cat (Butterscotch)but she ran away a few years ago.:(
Love you,
Hannah F.

Becky said...

Do you have a computer at home now? How about an email address?
You are all welcome here anytime. We ahve taled many times abotu coming for a visit...hopefully soon.