Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old pattern New robe

I had a long week. I told Todd I felt like I needed a shopping trip (retail therapy) or an evening in my sewing room. He said no shopping.
I got out this pattern I had in my pile of sew sometime soon. I knew already what fabric I wanted to use. It is sort of a whimsy print I bought when our Hancock Fabrics went out of business a few years ago.I left out the front waist darts (I have no waist in the front) and ended up making the back darts a half inch smaller. I also decided to face the front skirt instead of following the instructions and just turning under a 1" hem. It gave me a bit more fullness in the front. If I were to do it again I would give myself even more fullness in the front or loose the baby belly. I also added belt loops for the ties. I am thinking about sewing the tie to the right front side and the left side seam so when I tie it it stays crossed better. At breakfast this morning my little girls told me a looked like a princess.
Excuse the face here. My son was making faces at me just as J snapped the picture. The retake was blurry.


mygrandmalucy said...

Aww, how elegant. I love your girls' comment about you looking like a princess.


Mama Sewing said...

I love the pattern and the fabric you used. What a beautiful housecoat--wear it with pride!

Laura said...

It's nice to see such a pretty robe! Well done.