Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Additions

The chicks have grown and grown. We lost 4, so we have 6. Many of them have names but not all. I am starting to see the pecking order. Blondie or Meg and one of the ones with a striped head seems to be the bosses.
They have started to fly. They get as far as the top of their home. We have added more "lids" for the tub. Next weekend Todd will make them a chicken tractor home.

Saturday we brought our goats home. G was beside herself with excitement.
We did not bring home the boy we thought we would for multiple reasons, but we did bring home the one I thought was the cutest at the Carmen's. He is a Nigerian dwarf named Hugs. He was a bit uneasy about his new home...or maybe is was the 8 humans surrounding him, especially the small, loud excited ones. He seems to have settled into his new digs. He got his name because when he was very little he liked to be held. He still loves to just sit on your lap. His job is to be a companion to Heidi. Goats can get lonely, depressed and unhealthy if they are alone.Heidi on the other hand is normal wild crazy goat kid jumping on the walls, climbing on backs, and chewing on anything and everything. Heidi will be bread this fall and we will have babies in late winter and milk in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

GOATS! That is wonderful. Now come spring you will have FRESH "GOAT JUICE" from your own farm!:)
Do you have a farm name yet?
Sounds like all of you are having great time farming! Love you all.