Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden May 23

Last Friday I told the children that after my front flower bed was filled with dirt (sand) they could go swimming.
They all worked fairly hard to earn their treat.
I am pretty sure I shovelled the most, but it got do and they got to swim.The garden is growing, but slowly. We had a hard frost last week. I managed to cover most things around midnight. Nothing completely died.My pole beans are being eaten by an unidentified bug. A neighbor said she had bean beetles of some sort eat all of her beans last year. Today I bought some "organic" bug killer. I will get it out there tomorrow and pray for the best.This is a pumpkin that didn't get covered for the frost. All the upper leaves were killed, but it has grown 3 inches and put out a bunch of new leaves since then.These are gourd plants that were covered, but still got too cold. They are alive and growing now.I planted 25 asparagus crowns earlier this spring. A few are showing themselves.Blooming asparagus.A friend/neighbor has way too much rhubarb. She offered some to me. She wasn't sure if I had actually taken some until I assured her that I had.The small bunch to the left was a plant that I salvaged from the old house that lived in the woods near the barn until this spring.

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