Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things that made me cry this week...

I finished 2 outfits for Christmas gifts. I tried a new pattern. It didn't turn out exactly like I thought it would, but they are very cute.

I wanted to call and tell mom about them...the issues I had and how they turned out.

I went to bed crying missing her.

Tonight we hosted a piano receital for D and N. They played on the piano some one in my family bought in NY around 1900. I usderstand that my great grandmother was an exceptional pianist. My grandmother I am sure had soem training. My mom knew enough to play the music she enjoyed, but would never perform for an audience. I didn't even learn enough to play more than a melody. As Brittany (the instructor) played I thought of how happy Mom and Grandma and even Great Grandmother would be to know that the piano is still being played. And I cried.

Taylor, Brittany (teacher) Paige, D and N

Christmas preparations are in full swing. School is done for the calendar year. The sewing of gifts certainly is not done, but fairly close. I am not giving anyone a box of fabric or an unfinished project...Mom would be proud of me and envious that there were very few years she could say that.

Tomorrow we wrap and bake and roll candies.

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