Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom's 70th Birthday Party

Mom had dropped a big hint that something should be done to recognize her birthday this year. I told Greg and we figured out a plan. The weekend before her birthday we reserved a picnic shelter at Eagle Creek Park. I looked through her address book and made a list of invitees. I sent the invitations. Greg was in charge of food so I knew we'd eat well.

My family was in Indy for a few days before on the premise of seeing the display of King Tut's Treasures at the Children's Museum. We were to leave Saturday night. We told Mom that we were taking her out for dinner. Todd and the older girls left before us to..I don't remember what. When I stopped to get gas on the way Natalie asked Mom, "Have you ever been involved in a surprise party?" So Mom knew something was up. When we got to the shelter Mom put her hand to her face. I said, or rather choked, "Happy Birthday Mom." I think she recognized Greg from a distance before she got her seat belt off. She got out of the van very fast!Mom's cousin Sally came form Ohio. As did a very old friend from high school Sunny. (below)Greg leading a round of Happy Birthday Mary helping blow out candles.Dad sharing a slide show of old pictures he had just put on CD The kids.

The guest list included my Aunt and her husband, friends from Fellowship, Friends from IUPUI, my dad, my family, Greg and his fiance, a neighborhood friend with her granddaughter, and one of my best friends from high school and her son.

Mom talked and talked about the party. She was thrilled beyond words.

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