Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Flora and Fauna


Turkey--We have been seeing turkey pretty regularly. In the last couple weeks the Toms have really been strutting their stuff. Monday there was one back by the barn who must have been getting desperate because every time I looked back there he had his tail feathers all spread out.

Deer--we always have deer tracks around the pond. Sometimes we see them. Not this week though.

?--too big for cat, wrong shape for coon. A friend suggested lynx.
The following are bulbs I planted last fall. I also planted daffodils, but they aren't doing so well. They may be too deep, in really poor soil or not get enough sun.
The rest are planted randomly all over what maybe someday a lawn. They will be done blooming before any grass will need cut. Our last house had these spring bulbs in our grass leftover from the previous owner. I love spring showing itself early with these flowers--even in the snow.

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