Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have big plans for our sand box...I mean yard.
Here I have built (with some help from my strong husband and daughter) a natural wall for a border for a flower bed on some sort. I plan to add some compost from the township when I can. In the mean time I will dream of what will grow here. It is about half full sun and half mostly shade.

These trees just happened to be bent how I needed them. All of the wood is left over from where we cut down trees for the pond. I requested the most unusual ones for garden decor.

My cold frames spent last summer on KP duty--they actually held up a table top that served as the kitchen sink counter. Now they are back to their original purpose. I brought 6 wheel barrow loads of dirt from near the barn to add some soil. Now I have planted 2 batches of lettuce.Here the first batch is at seedling stage.

These were the logs that made me think to save some for my garden. They have been waiting all winter to become the guardian on my crops. Todd planted them about 42" into the ground. he says they aren't going anywhere until they rot. I may build some sort of arbor across them and plant some vines there.
The left side has had some horse manure added, been tilled and been divided into wide rows for planting. The southern side will get one or two green manure crops before we cultivate it for more garden. I hope to build a rustic fence around the while thing and plant herbs on the outside to deter the deer (I hope)

The garden here looks terraced. It is not, it is just the perspective. Saturday I was able to plant the asparagus crowns I ordered along with onion bulbs (actually N planted all of these), carrots, beans, peas, and kale.My three bin compost pile. It is also made from scrap tree parts and some fencing. The plan is to pile leaves and straw in the middle section and use it to cover the food scraps on the west end first then when that is full start adding to the eastern one.

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