Thursday, April 23, 2009

Girls Regency Dresses

I have been wanting to use Jennie Chancey's Girls Regency dress pattern for quite some time. She put out a "Drawstring" appendix to the pattern not too long ago. It is perfect for M and T who like to dress themselves without help. The Drawstring is actually 1/4" elastic--I used a bunch of my stash--so they can just pull the dresses on over their heads.This fabric was on the clearance rack at my favorite quilt shop. I have decided that the quality quilting fabric is much better for my children's play things because it wears so well. The less expensive cheap fabric form Wally World or even Jo Ann's just doesn't hold up to playing in the woods.
I loved the fabric so I bought a lot. since I was sewing and had lots of fabric I offered N a new dress. She of course jumped at the chance to get a new dress and match her sisters.

The Wal-Mart out by the mall was clearancing all their fabric (I have heard of many others around the country doing this) so I went to check it out. I found some of their nicer fabrics for 50% off. I bought lots of fabric for clothes for the next year and J bought fabric to make herself 4 or 5 new things also.

I told D he could learn how to use my sewing machine when I taught N last week. He bugged and bugged me until I actually did it. I believe it is a new machine for him to learn how to use. He is fascinated by all the Fancy stitches.

Last night he made a "tarp" for his Thomas trains.

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