Wednesday, November 19, 2008


no pictures--I should take one of the empty boxes--sorry.

The children and I cleaned out almost everything from the living area of the barn and put it in the wash, away or in the trash can (my favorite).

Todd brought over the next set of boxes last night. I figure if I unpack and organize one van load a week the barn will only have things that stay in the barn by new years OK maybe Valentine's Day. Todd also got the school closet and linen closet shelves up for me. So the school things I have found (I expect a surprise sometime) are organized and "away" I even got some baskets of special "school" things organized for M and T--after years of planning to do this I finally did it.

Tonight I went through boxes of pictures and some nick knacks. one box had obviously been a home to a mouse family and had been dripped on so I had to unwrap everything. Of the 5 boxes I unpacked I repacked only one and was able to pitch some things. I still have one box to unpack and sort. It is mostly old family things and I wan tall the children to see what is there and maybe learn some family history. That is a school subject, right?

Tomorrow we have our first purely social guests since we have been in the house. Saturday we have more. I know they will be understanding, but it is motivation to get more put away and clean.


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