Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moving day

Moving day arrived and everyone was so excited that we all got up bright and early...some brighter than others.
T's last trip into the house for breakfast.
Todd made breakfast,
Todd's specialty, blueberry pancakes
then the helpers arrived. I was told I could spend the day telling guys where to go...oooohhh it was going to be fun. Well it got overwhelming fast because of how fast they brought the boxes. Thank you to Rod, Tim, Larry, Sarah, and the Chrysler Family

By lunch half the barn's contents made it through my doors. By bedtime enough stuff was in the house that we could go to bed in warm cozy comfort on clean sheets.

Basement in the afternoon

Dad was in charge of getting closets ready so we didn't tax his back too much as last time he was here.

Thanks for everything Dad.

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